• The pastors in Haitian churches would appreciate your prayers for reaching new people for Christ. They have times of concerted evangelism. Please pray these times would bear fruit. Along with this is the need for solid follow-up and Bible teaching. This is a work only the Spirit of God can do.
    • The discipleship book, with the gospel, is now being taught to over 400,000 students. This outreach has brought new opportunities to train leaders on family relationships, leadership and character. We have 4 conferences a year which have brought over 700 leaders together to learn more and hopefully teach this in their churches.
    • Families in Haiti are in need of servant leadership from the man in the house. In the culture men are not generally involved in raising the children and treating their wives in a way that pleases the Lord. We know that as the man in the house goes, so goes the family and so goes the nation. Our desire is to build up the right leadership in the home by teaching men in our conferences.
    • The orphans in Haiti are getting older. Pray for them to be able to be successfully launched into adulthood with godly character as their focus and be servant leaders in the community.


    Two active church plants are opening up new areas for the gospel with many new people being saved. Existing churches are making plans to evangelize by outreach with teams, medical, and dental clinics. Discipleship training through small groups, a Bible training course continued with New Testament Survey, and many other opportunities.

    In Mexico pray for unity among the leaders. Satan uses disunity to stop the growth of churches and outreach with the gospel.

    Lluvias de Gracias Church (Ciro & Juanita Perez)
    • Purity in our heart, lives and the church
    • The lost and hurting around us
    • Strength for new believers those in church plants to be strong leaders to rise up in the church plants

    Village Ministry Churches at Los Alamos, San Miquel Adaques, Yatoni (David & Karina Lopez)
    • There would be an acceptance of the Gospel to those exposed to it in the mountain villages
    • Their vision is to expand to new villages in the mountains where the gospel is not preached.

    Los Alamos Church (Carlos & Sara Vasques and family)
    • The families and youth group of the church that God would use their struggles to draw them closer to Him
    • Salvation of Carlos two brothers
    • The night of our Christmas program it was a joy to see the church full, five families visited us, including Karen's family, mom and grandmother. This is the girl we have been asking you to pray for who was saved at VBS last summer. Karen was not allowed to come to church by her mother. They came to the program! Pray for their salvation!

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