Medical Teams - Haiti

Short Term Mission Project
With Grace Mission, Inc.
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Oaks of Righteousness
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Cindy Heyne is a full time RN who lives in Florida but leads medical ministry teams to work with our Grace Mission churches, orphanage and schools. Her leadership is humble yet strong in spiritual content and impact. She organized the ministry under the title “Oaks of Righteousness”. We met her through Ray and Bonnie VanSlyke who knew her from a previous ministry. You will have a dynamic time spiritually and physically as you reach out to some very hurting people.

Staffing needs:
People to dispense medicine, organizing medicines etc. You do not need medical training.
RN’s to help with assessments of patients

“The trip was awesome. I feel so blessed that I was able to come and be part of it. The Lord spoke to me in a very personal level through different things while we were there and it was so refreshing to hear from Him, removed from the everyday life craziness and distractions that fill up my life so often… I am going home with heart full of gratitude and a renewed focus on Him”

Purpose: Short-term ministry teams provide God's people with ministry opportunities in
another culture.
You will:
1) See and help people with great physical needs
2) Have opportunities to minister in a spiritual way through prayer and evangelism
3) Encourage the Haitian missionaries and church with your presence and help
4) Be changed by the grace of God and work of the Holy Spirit

Medical ministry is provided to:
1) Churches and Villages
2) Schools
3) Orphanage

Costs from Florida
???? Commercial Flight to Florida
$150. Oaks of Righteousness Expenses
$600. Food, Flight, Lodging, Transportation
$750. Total

See the Oaks of Righteous web site for further details.

Pasted Graphic
Belle consults with and elderly patient

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All ages need help