Prayer - It works!
What happens in Missions is amazing. It is like the book of Acts, great trials, great doors of opportunity, and God doing great things. You never know what is happening at any time of day so prayer is a constant need. From the home office to the far reaches of Haiti and Mexico, prayer is needed. Thank you to those who pray! It is welcomed and needed.

Our Missionaries face opposition from religions that have been entrenched for years. When God begins to work they begin to resist by calculated threats to those who may be interested and directly to the missionaries.

Police and government officials who are not fair or are seeking financial advantage.

Discouragement when those they work with give up or are unfaithful.

When finances are tight and there is so much to do, it is discouraging.

The attitudes of people who have no commitment to the Lord or the ministry.

Division that creeps in through disgruntled people. Some who are expecting handouts.

Pressure on their families when they are busy and the family needs are great.

Every missionary around the world faces these kinds of problems. Your prayers count!

Please Pray!

Have Grace Mission come to your church!
In August of 1999 Eugene Enns (Marsha) became the director of Grace Mission. The Enns' have been in Christian ministry for 49 years. They spent 14 years in Canada before coming to Grace Mission in church planting. Eugene and Marsha are available to present the ministry to churches or groups. Their burden is to reach lost people and desire that Grace Mission major on this.

Director Eugene & Marsha Enns

Work Teams
Get involved with a Work Team - Most people have never visualized themselves leaving the friendly confines of North America. This is exactly what you may need to catch a fresh vision of what God is doing and seeing missionaries in action and the lost being won. Your trip could revolutionize your life and have an impact of your local churches outlook for reaching the world with the gospel. Step out in faith and GET INVOLVED.

Financial Support
It is our desire that Gods' money is spent in the most conscience and honest way possible. We have a
Board of Directors in Canada and the United States that looks over the books and business of the Mission. A local accountant conducts an annual audit. We are members of the ECFA in the US, which have been established to help maintain high standards of financial accountability. Our foreign field directors turn in a monthly report of all transactions. We inspect the progress of construction and use of funds on each visit to the field. On these trips we will seek to photograph and report to you on the aspect of the work which you have supported. (In some cases this is not always possible due to locations and time constraints.)

Spending of Funds is confined to board approved programs and purchases. Each gift designated toward an approved program will be used as designated with the understanding that once a need has been met, designated gifts will be used where needed most. Gifts are acknowledged with an official receipt for tax purposes. No goods or services are received by the donor in exchange for gifts.

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