German, 11 years old

April 2013 German came to the children’s club. He was a boy who had very low self esteem, could not read nor write very well, wouldn’t talk, and did not take care for himself. Afterwards, I found out that he did not live with his parents. He was abandoned, with a father in jail in the USA and his mom had immigrated to the States as well. He only ate processed foods.
He was very faithful and would arrive at every meeting. Then at one meeting he accepted Jesus as his Savior. He started getting more involved, and you could tell that inside him rivers of life were flowing. Now, he is a happy boy, he was able to pass to his next grade level because he had been held up in 2nd grade for quite some time. He is very intelligent and has shared the gospel and is a testimony to his friends and family. In July 2013 when we had a day camp, he was the means that God used to bring 2 girls and his best friend Oscar to camp. Recently, we celebrated his 11th birthday at church. We gave him a cake and praised God for the changes in his life. In May of 2014, God brought back his father from the States, who came to know Christ in prison. On the 21st of June, his oldest sister accepted Christ as her savior.
We thank the Lord for rescuing a child like him. To Him be the glory.


Oscar, 11 years old and best friend of German
Oscar was a very proud and rebellious boy. German had invited Oscar to the day camp last July (2013). He attended every day of camp. but he was very rebellious. After the day camp, while we would have church services, Oscar would come around on his bicycle, riding very fast with his MP3 player and speakers at full volume. Since we meet under a tin roof with no sides to the building, overlooking the valley of the city of Oaxaca this was very disturbing. Many times, I would go out to him and speak to him about his behavior. He would not listen, turn his bike around and leave. He would do this consistently during the duration of the church service. In Feb. 2014 I ran into him while inviting the neighbors to watch a movie and I invited him to come. He told me: “I am not going because you only speak about God and the Bible, and I am not interested. I want to live my life.” God gave me word and an idea and I shared with him about how there are two roads because we were standing on the road where it forked and I used this example. God brought him to the movie. When it was over, an invitation was given to accept Christ, and Oscar gave his life to the Lord. He began to arrive at the church meetings with a Bible under his arm and without a bike or his loud music. Pray for Oscar because now his parents have prohibited him from coming to the meetings. (He came to a special event we had the 17-19 of June 2014 and was very involved and listened intently to the Word.)

There are other children whose parents are not allowing them to come to church:
Diego: 7 years old: his grandparents will not allow him to come to church or get close to me

11 years old and his sister, 8 years old: Their mother and oldest sister accepted Christ, but their dad does not allow them to come because he practices witchcraft

His mother comes around once in awhile, but his father does not

accepted Christ, has many doubts because his parents do not understand. This last week (17-19 of June at a special event we held) his mom accepted Jesus as her Savior
There are many more stories of God’s power to transform. This mission work that has started in Cuilipam has many children and adolescents and I am glad because they will be the future leaders to reach their generation.

Written by Lola: CUILIPAM

Cuilipam children