Pastor Training – Haiti

Is Pastor Training needed? Please answer these questions.

If your pastor could not tell you where to find anything in the Bible could you accept that?

If your pastor read a verse as a passage for his sermon and then spoke about everything else but that verse and never referred to the Bible, could you accept that?

If your pastor did not know how to interpret the Bible by using the context, other scripture and misinterpreted the scripture, could you accept that?

If your pastor had no way of improving his Bible teaching, would you approve of this course for him?

These are Haitian pastor’s problems.

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Haitian Pastors

In May of 2013 we completed a 6 year Bible training course that has been so useful to the pastors.  Many of them are now considered to be the Bible Scholars in their community and have people come to them with questions.  It has enabled our church people to have more confidence of who they are in Christ and not have the fears that come with the background of Voodoo that so many people face in Haiti. Since the training has been completed the men have been able to teach many others of their own people and church leaders from within the community. 

Bible Study Methods
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Preaching Biblical Messages
Bible Doctrine Survey
Personal Spiritual Life
Church Min/Admin/Education
Teaching Principles & Methods
Church History

Another need the pastors faced was understanding how to deal with the problems people have and counsel them effectively.  They have finished several books that deal with common problems among Haitians.  Please pray for these men who are doing a good job under difficult circumstances. 

Church Service

The cost is about $100 per pastor for the materials plus the ongoing cost of the training including travel and meals. Right now we have 32 men taking the training. They are taking this training back to their church and are already teaching books 1,2 and 3 in many of the churches. There are about 165 people in the churches taking the course at various stages. This is promoting greater understanding and hunger for the Word and helps to withstand false doctrine.

The personnel involved with this project need your prayers. Bernadin Belizaire, our Haitian director, leads this effort and truly believes in the value it has given our pastors and through this the people.  He takes care of ordering books and the finances and promoting the ministry.