Why is this program the key to the future of Haiti?

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34
The answer to solving Haiti’s crisis of poverty and despair is righteousness. Sin is the real problem!
The answer is the gospel (leading people to faith in Christ as Savior) and discipleship or teaching them how to live as Jesus wants us to live which is a life of Godly character! We are moving toward majoring on teaching character to all 5,000 students we have in our 20 schools. As well as launching out in an effort to bring the Character Training Program to all the churches and schools in Northern Haiti.

After a successful launch in the 2009 school year, we have seen the lives of the students grow in character. Tidor teaches each class a lesson on a particular character trait every week. Lessons and verses are emphasized by the teachers through the week. Awards are given for students who show the greatest improvement in that quality. Parents are thrilled with the changes they see at home in their children. The atmosphere of the school has been changed in a positive way as kids learn how to treat each other and glorify God with their lives.

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Gito was hired to have a one on one meeting with every elementary student to present the plan of salvation and invite them to trust in Christ. He sees about 1,400 students every year and has seen any where from 60 to 80 students put their faith in Christ as their Savior. Those who are already saved are encouraged in their walk with the Lord.

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Gito and Figuens on way to visit the villages

OUR VISION IS TO HAVE A SCHOOL OR CHURCH TEACHING FROM THE CHARACTER MANUAL IN EVERY VILLAGE IN NORTHERN HAITI! (see the map and please pray) To accomplish this we are sending Gito and Figuens out by motorcycle to visit schools and churches in other villages. We have started with those closest to Limbe. The distribution of books began in April 2012 and to date we have 436,214 students taking the course. We have covered the northcentral area around Limbe and the far north east up to the Dominican border.

The men are now going into the larger cities along the coastline where the numbers will rise very quickly. God is answering the prayer that there would be a hunger for these books and the word would spread. Please pray for a powerful impact in these new schools. The gospel is in the front of the manual and then the rest of the book has 42 character qualities with scripture that the Lord can use in their lives.

1. Where is this book going?
2. How many kids are being taught?
3. Is it in a church, school or both?
4. This is free material, provided through God’s help. Will you provide the teaching free to the students?
5. Will you report to Tidor the results of your teaching?
6. Will you report to Tidor what you have learned about character for yourself first from teaching this book?
7. After you have been teaching this book and seen what God can do, would you pray about another ministry that could use this book and introduce them to Tidor and this book?

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God sees it all and has added his blessing! The school is full of students this year and the atmosphere is fantastic. There is a zeal and excitement in the school like never before. We want this school to be known for not only excellence in academics but also excellence in character. Parents have reported changes in the lives of their children which has had a great impact.

Please pray for Tidor and Gito as they minister daily!!!

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Gito giving the gospel 1 on 1

Future Plans and Needs

1. We must continue this ministry because it is the backbone for the future of this country. No country can stand the corruption of character like that which exists in Haiti. To pay these two young men requires $600 per month. This pays for all their salary. Donate if you can.

2. Pray for Gito and Tidor to be filled with the spirit and understand the Word of God and make it clear. Pray that the children would understand that salvation is not by works! Pray that they would understand that once they are saved, Character will carry them forward and God will make a way for them in life. That they would understand that “Character Determines Success!”

3. Pray that the curriculum would be known all over Haiti and the books would be in great demand and many more schools and churches would adopt this plan.